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About Us

Founded in 2020, Clay Etc. is a collaborative and independent zine aims to create a space for our global community of designers, makers, and craftsmen to share our unique passions for, and experiences with, clay as a medium. As I navigate a creative practice rooted in craft, I have thought about many ways to bring together all the amazing people and projects that I have encountered in my journey, and a digital zine seems to be a great way to start.

We offer critical reflections on how we are finding (or making) solid ground for us to stand on as individual creatives and builders. The dearth of public cross-disciplinary dialogue about clay emphasizes a need for investigation and exploration of this ancient material.

Viewing this amazing material from a single perspective feels one dimensional and limiting to us: we start conversations and facilitate dialogues about clay so that we might learn from and inspire each other. It is my best intention to bring together a group of talented makers and critical thinkers to share their thoughts, projects, and experiences about how they engage with clay as a material in their creative practice, and the greater context and discourse these projects are a part of.

By introducing these projects to creatives from different backgrounds, we aspire to encourage cross-cultural and interdisciplinary discussion of a wide variety of creative practices using clay as material. Our goal is to build a platform that fosters global friendship and collaborations through critical thinking and knowledge sharing.